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XFusion Software LLC is the development team behind the engineering software title TimeGen - Timing Diagram Software.

In the early 2000s, XFusion Software LLC developed commercial touch screen MP3 applications for restaurant, bar, and boat owners, as well as creating PC software for the casual gaming market.

The heart of XFusion Software LLC is made of software developers and hardware engineers, so expect from us a different approach than from usual marketing driven companies.

That means more passion and concern over the quality of our products and our code, and dedicated support to our customers.

Once upon a time...

XFusion Software LLC was founded by brothers who grew up developing their own software for the Radio Shack TRS-80 home computer (black and white graphics with casette tape drive!). They have sinced moved on to color monitored PCs (without cassette drives), and along the way have picked up degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

XFusion Software have been releasing commercial software since 1998.

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XFusion Software LLC

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