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9.1 Modifing Clock Labels and Period Lines

Modulo Count

To modify the clock lables, choose from the view menu->clock cycle labels->customize menu option:

By default, the clock cycle lables start with number 1, and increments by 1. If you want the counter to stop and repeat after 4 counts, then use the Modulo Count option:

This will produce a counter that counts from 1 to 4, and then starts over again at 1 and counts to 4, and repeats forever:

Modulo Count Offset

By default, using modulo offset of 0 will reset the count back to the start value. However, if you want to add an offset after 4 counts, then program the modulo offset. In this example, modulo offset is set to 10:

Example of modulo count=4, and modulo offset = 10:

Modulo Count Repeat

By default, the module count will repeat indefinately. If you want to only repeat 1 time, then modify the Repeat Modulo Count:

Example of modulo count=4, and modulo offset = 10, and modulo repeat set to 1:

Label Spacing

By default, the clock labels will always center itself to the period lines. By default the label spacing is setup to display every rising edge (period lines per label = 1, skip offset = 1). But, TimeGen can also display on the falling edges if required. You can program the label spacing for half cycles by setting the Period Lines per Label to 1 and skip offset to 0:

Here is resulting waveform with labels every 1/2 cycle with no offset:

If you want the labels to display on the falling edges, then just set the period lines per label to 2, with skip offset of 0 (the label will center itself over 2 period lines):

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