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TimeGen Timing Diagram Software

  • Clocks, signals, and buses can have attributes of: ideal/non ideal, rising and falling edge arrows, delays, divided clocks, font type, font size, color.
  • Text Boxes can be attached, or unattached, to the signals. Each text box has attributes of font style, font size, and color.
  • Invalid Regions are easy to add by just drawing onto the diagram with your mouse, just like a paint tool. You can adjust the color, as well as style.
  • Signal Relationships using arrows show a cause and effect. Just two mouse clicks can create an arrow. The arrows are anchored to the signals.
  • Toolbar icons are easy to access and understand. As you modify the waveforms, TimeGen redraws them in real time. When you are done, just copy and paste your waveform into Microsoft Word. Results are fast!

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