TimeGen Timing Diagram Software
Revision History


TimeGen 4.0:

  • BETA version available now

TimeGen 3.3.5:

  • Misc bug fixes

TimeGen 3.3:

  • Zoom In/Out feature - with magnifiying icons
  • New text box support for Italics/bold/underline
  • Realtime dragging of top, right, bottom margins with mouse
  • Show/Hide signal crossings menu option for labels
  • Updated timebreak support for entire column (click on top)
  • Numerous bug fixes

TimeGen 3.2:

  • Arrows can snap to top, 10, 20, 25, 50, 75, 80, 90, or bottom of signal
  • Labels can snap to top, 10, 20, 25, 50, 75, 80, 90, or bottom of signal
  • Ability to turn Arrow's snap to grid on/off
  • Press < or > to add arrow heads to lines
  • Horizontal tick marks drawn on labels
  • Draw free floating lines and arrows
  • Right or Left signal name justification
  • Text boxes support multiple lines, and left/right/center justification
  • Multiple text box alignment using top/left/right/bottom reference
  • Outline text box with rectangle or rounded edge
  • Ability to select multiple text boxes (hold down CTRL), or press CTRL+A
  • Ability to delete, move, or copy multiple text boxes
  • Support for changing all the selected text boxes font or size with one command
  • Press ALT key while using arrow keys for FINER control for moving objects (text boxes, arrows)
  • Optional horizontal lines between signals
  • Optional vertical line between signal names and waveforms
  • Modulo count and repeat cycle lables
  • Improved SVG Export and Import functions (data structures saved internally for easier content management)
  • misc bug fixes

TimeGen 3.1.1:

  • Export waveforms to SVG graphic format

TimeGen 3.1 details:

  • Support for DDR clocks (differential clocks and signals)
  • Support for USB thumb drive license (dongle)
  • New label type that supports arrows on inside or outside
  • draw active low bar above signal
  • Import/Export Ascii ; output ascii character window
  • Hold down ALT while moving text
  • Period lines can be drawn solid
  • Various bug fixes

TimeGen 3.0 details:

  • All signals can be high, low, hi-Z, or bus
  • Independent delay control for each cycle (+/-)
  • Dynamically move signals, labels, or arrows using the mouse
  • Dynamically move signal edges with mouse
  • Labels can have text attachments that dynamically move
  • Duty cycle control for clocks
  • New arrow types (straight, and angled)

TimeGen 2.4 details:

  • Clock alignment support - signals will align with clock edges that are above them
  • Use the right mouse button to modify the arrow head (begin, end, both, none) on the signal relationship and label tools, and also modify the color
  • New REDO feature, and completely new "true UNDO" feature
  • New soft gradient shadow option around diagrams
  • Association of TimeGen files (*.tim) with the registry
  • Increased speed and performance when modifying the signal width/height
  • Improved print feature
  • Minor bug fixes

TimeGen 2.3.1 details :

  • When you copy a signal, the text boxes are copied as well
  • Bug fix from version 2.3: Print button refresh

TimeGen 2.3 details :

  • Vertical Scroll Bar (use SHIFT plus the up/down arrows)
  • You can move the text boxes with your mouse using the EDIT tool
  • Custom print dialog box lets you choose which clock cycles to print
  • Improved EDIT tool for selecting arrows and labels
  • Added a Most Recently Used (MRU) file list to menu

TimeGen 2.2 details:

  • Bug fix: text box alignment problem (arrow keys will snap to grad now)

TimeGen 2.1 details:

  • Bug fix: Double click on a TimeGen (.tim) file caused TimeGen to enter evaluation mode.

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